Ug-Profil Production Facility, Belaya Kalitva, Koksovyy

Freehand sketch a profile or send a sample of the profile you want to copy. We will prepare a drawing for free and calculate the cost of the profile.

We can manufacture aluminum profiles according to customer drawings. Also, we can design the profile for free according to customer requirements based on a photo, sketch or sample profile.

This individual approach gives you more flexibility and makes the manufacture of aluminum profiles cost-effective.

Our experts help optimize the production process of the specific product (by optimizing the design, cutting, and painting). This reduces production costs, and accordingly the cost price of your product.

Aluminum profile manufacturing according to customer drawings - Steps

You send a profile sketch

To calculate a profile cost and matrix we need a hand-drawn sketch with profile dimensions or sample profile.

Approval of the profile coat and matrix

You approve the profile cost and matrix; we sign the contract.

Making a matrix and test sample

We make a matrix and manufacture a test batch of the profile; you approve the test batch.

Upon approval, we produce a profile

We manufacture the entire batch, paint or anodize, and deliver you the profile.

Freehand sketch your profile and send it to us.

Our designer prepares the drawing for free, and you’ll get the profile cost.