RAL profile painting

Ug-Profil Production Facility, Belaya Kalitva, Koksovyy

We preprocess the profile and then coat it on the automatic Italian Taiss vertical type line.

Painting aluminum profile allows you to get an element that perfectly fits into the final construction. Along with perfect technical properties, colored aluminum profile caters to the needs of the design. Colored profiles offer a wide range of applications: from smooth matching the construction design to vivid individual design elements.

We professionally prepare the profile for painting. Surface preparation for painting is carried out by etching on new Italian equipment from Taiss. This increases the useful life of the painted profile, even in aggressive environments.

We paint aluminum profiles at our premises using the new Italian painting line. Therefore, we can minimize the cost and time of the process.

We can paint aluminum profile in any color chosen by the customer using the polymer powder method.

The consultation is free and non-committal. In case of any questions about products and services do not hesitate to contact us.

The painting process includes several steps:

1. Aluminum profile preparation

At this stage, the profile goes through 11 processing steps. The primary technology used is professional etching. Etching the surface for painting is performed on the Taiss equipment.

2. Transfer to the painting shop

The aluminum profile is painted on the automatic line using robotic arms. Small and irregular products are hand painted.

3. Polymerization stage

A polymer coating is formed in through-feed furnaces. A six-point temperature recorder regularly measures the temperature, which allows obtaining the highest quality and uniform coverage.

4. Product packaging

Mechanical profile damage, dampness, chips during storage or transportation can occur because of poor packaging. We offer many options for modern packaging, depending on the customer demands and the delivery distance.