Aluminum profile cutting, packaging and delivery

Ug-Profil Production Facility, Belaya Kalitva, Koksovyy

Aluminum profile cutting

Production capabilities allow us to manufacture aluminum profiles up to 6 m. The cutting line provides cutting items into fragments from 60 cm to 600 cm. We guarantee accurate measuring and edge processing. Cutting of profiles is free if you purchase the full cycle aluminum profile production.

Profile packaging

We carefully and thoroughly approach the process of end products packaging. We provide high-quality protective packaging, following the features of the specific transport method. At Yug-Profil, we believe that the production process does not end as the products leave the pressing line. Packaging, shipping, and delivery are essential steps in the production cycle, and we are entirely responsible for final quality.

Optimal packaging, storage, and careful shipping provide not only smooth and lossless transportation of finished aluminum profiles. It also 100% retains all the operational and technical properties of the profile being transported to the customer.

Our products can be packed in corrugated cardboard, paper (for short distance delivery), polyethylene film for powder-polymer coated profiles, as well as in stretch film or in wooden boxes (for long-distance transportation).

The quality of the packaging complies with international standards and provides safe delivery via any type of transport.

Anodizing provides excellent properties such as wear-, abrasion and erosion resistance, as well as electrical and thermal insulation. The coating is very resistant to corrosion in aggressive environments.

Aluminum Profile Delivery

Today we offer an additional service for delivery of our products throughout Russia using partner transport companies with the most favorable terms. Delivery services for medium-sized orders we perform using our resources.