Customized Aluminum Profile. Services

Ug-Profil Production Facility, Belaya Kalitva, Koksovyy

The Ug-Profile facility is a fast developing metal production. We focus on the manufacture of customized aluminum profiles. The company has the most advanced equipment for customized production: an automated press line with a capacity of 800 tons per month, a powder coating line, an anodizing line, and a profile machining line.

We produce high-quality aluminum profiles accurately and in time. We have all the resources for this!

Full-Cycle Customized Aluminum Profile Production:

Drawing preparation

Ug-Profil produces aluminum profiles based not only on ready-made drawings but on a custom design. We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of profiles and a few hundreds of patents for our designs.

All you need is to sketch a profile or show the sample you want to copy. Our design office will shortly create a drawing, which we will in details embody on the production. This service is free for the customer!

Customized Aluminum Profile Production

We produce customized aluminum profiles of any complexity with a wall thickness up to 8 mm. We have our own production, equipped with cutting-edge equipment, including three extrusion lines, which are operated by qualified professionals. At Ug-Profil we guarantee outstanding quality of our products!

Profile painting

We paint aluminum profiles using Italian automated TIASS equipment. We apply more than 250 color shades on RAL scale, both glossy and matte. Our specialists are professionally trained, and they consistently achieve saturated and durable color layer.

Aluminum profile anodizing

To reliably protect the aluminum profile from corrosion, it is anodized, in other words, it is covered with a special protective layer. The Ug-Profil facility is equipped with an automatic color anodizing line. We produce five anode colors with the thickness of the protective layer ranging from 5 to 30 microns. This high-quality anodic coating protects the aluminum profile against corrosion for up to 30 years.

Aluminum profile machining

We have our own machining shop, packed with all the necessary equipment. Our experts will process the profile depending on customer needs: they will cut it to the required size, drill the holes and make other essential operations.

Profile packaging

We will pack an aluminum profile according to customer’s requirements. You can choose any packaging, including paper, cardboard, tape, and wooden pallets.

Profile Shipping

We partner with different transport companies and can deliver customized aluminum profiles to anywhere in Russia. Large batches from 10 tons are distributed for free!