Aluminum Profile Production

Ug-Profil Production Facility, Belaya Kalitva, Koksovyy

We manufacture high-quality aluminum profiles based on customer’s drawing in short order!



You send a profile sketch

To calculate a profile cost and matrix we need a hand-drawn sketch with profile dimensions or sample profile.

Approval of the profile coat and matrix

You approve the profile cost and matrix; we sign the contract.

Making a matrix and test sample

We make a matrix and manufacture a test batch of the profile; you approve the test batch.

Upon approval, we produce a profile

We manufacture the entire batch, paint or anodize, and deliver you the profile.


The Ug-Profil production facility is an actively developing manufacturer, located in Koksovy settlement, Belokalitvinsky District, Rostov Region.

It includes a high-tech aluminum profile production with the cutting-edge equipment: 
— 3 automated press lines, with a load of 1200 tons and 2200 tons 
— automated profile transportation lines 
— modern vertical type powder coating Taiss line 
— automated chemical surface preparation line (etching).

Ug-Profil produces high-quality aluminum profiles of any complexity and in the shortest possible time. Our 10-year experience in this field guarantees the precise quality of products and services.


10 years

of producing aluminum profiles for our customers

1506 species

of aluminum profiles we have already manufactured for over 20 business areas

800 tons

of profiles per month - our production capacity today

Ug-Profil is located in the Rostov region, Koksovyy settlement.